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Welcome to Masala Kitchen
In the heart of Philadelphia, there is a unique Indian restaurant called Masala kitchen. A decade ago Mr. Vaishal Soni arrived in the United States with a dream of opening his own restaurant. Mr. Soni became co-owner of the highly succeed restaurant at 20th and chestnut street in philadelphia. Street food holds a particular importance in India. Two and half year later Mr. Soni creates same experience with higher food quality and better service. Street food is still an integral part of Indian life and masala kitchen holds this essential Indian tradition.

We Serve

Masala Kitchen is all about Kati Rolls and different types of Platters including very famous Biryani.

Authentic Indian Flavors

Serving healthy, modern Indian fare with authentic, high quality ingredient.

Rolls on Wheels

Profile Masala Kitchen as a passionate movement rife with tradition and authenticity that is truly enhancing the Philadelphia dining scene.

About MK

The signature dish of Masala Kitchen, “Kati Rolls”, made by wrapping paratha, around a variety of meats, vegetables and cheese. Every single ingredients in KATI ROLLS is marinated with a proprietary blend of Indian spices, adding a distinctive taste that is available nowhere else.
The other Signature dish of Masala Kitchen “Platters” made by serving properly cooked rice having different types of meat and cottage cheese are marinated in Indian spices served over the bed of rices. Platters are full of flavors, aroma and fine texture, with specially selected rice to make all your food delightful.